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Regular Assembly Meeting AGENDA  AUGUST 3, 2020, 5:30 p.m.
Assembly Chambers, 1900 First Avenue, Suite 144

The meeting will be conducted in person and is open to the public. Modifications have been made to the Assembly Chambers to allow for safe social distancing in accordance with Alaska health guidance and CDC guidelines. A limited amount of seating is available in the Chambers with additional seating available in the outer hallway. Citizens may provide comments in person by signing up to speak, or may provide comments ahead of time in writing.
We encourage citizens to call ahead of time for specific instructions for participating in the meeting. To sign up to speak during Citizen Comments or Public Hearings, please call 228-6616.  Submit written comments to to be read into the record.
1.   Call to Order - Pledge of Allegiance - Roll Call
2.   Ceremonial Matters - Presentations, Proclamations, Awards, Guest Introductions
3.   Citizen Comments - Comments on any topic other than scheduled public hearings.
4.   Scheduled Informational Reports and/or Presentations - Reports on construction progress, financial status, presentations of budgets, audits, and reports or planning documents and related items.
a.   Presentation - Abner Hoage, Emergency Manager
b.   Board of Education Report
5.   Public Hearings - Procedure: Citizens will sign up on a sheet and testify in the order that they sign up. Citizens may present arguments in favor or in opposition; staff report may be provided; after the close of the public portion of the hearing, the assembly will deliberate and render a decision on the matter at hand.
a.   Ordinance 1925 Amending Chapter 14.20 KGBC to Set Service Area Fees for the Waterfall Creek Service Area by Resolution
6.   Acceptance of Claims
a.   Presentation of Claims for Checks #51862 through #51924 and Electronic Transfers #305757 through #305802 for the Period of 7/13/2020 through 7/24/20, and for ACH Transfers and Bank Debits #9005919 through #9005951 for the Period of 7/13/20 through 7/24/20 for Assembly Review and Acceptance for Assembly Review and Acceptance
7.   Consent Calendar - Matters listed under the consent calendar are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion and one vote. There will be no separate discussion on these items. Platting or zoning items that are subject to court appeal may not be listed on the consent calendar. If the Mayor or an Assembly Member requests discussion, that item will be removed from the consent calendar and will be considered under Unfinished Business.
a.   Approval of Minutes - July 20 Regular Assembly Meeting
b.   Introduction of Ordinance 1924 Allocating $258,100 in CARES Act Funds and Increasing the School District's FY 2021 Spending Authority to $46,233,391
c.   Introduction of Ordinance 1926 Amending the FY 2021 Borough Budget to Appropriate $200,000 for South Tongass Fire Station Road Improvements
d.   Resolution 2863 Setting the Fees for the Waterfall Creek Service Area
e.   Approval of Land/Terminal Sublease with Rent-A-Dent dba Alaska Car Rental
f.   Approval of Land/Terminal Sublease with First City Car Rental
g.   Confirmation of Mayor Dial's Appointment to the Loring Service Area Board of Directors
8.   Unfinished Business
a.   Memorandum of Understanding with Ketchikan Indian Community to Include Certain Borough Roads in the National Tribal Transportation Facility Inventory [postponed July 6, 2020]
b.   Transferred Consent Calendar
9.   New Business
a.   Approval of a Lease Agreement with the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District for Office Space in the White Cliff Building
b.   Introduction of Ordinance 1927 Amending the FY 2021 Budget by Appropriating $100,000 from the Land Trust Fund to Finish Office Space in White Cliff for the School District Business Office
c.   Approval of 21 CARES Act Non-Profit Grants Totaling $300,800
d.   Resolution 2862 Authorizing Submittal of a Grant Application to the Rasmuson Foundation for Direct Municipal Relief Funds to Arts and Culture Organizations and Authorizing Acceptance of Rasmuson Grant Funds for Qualifying Organizations
e.   A Resolution Requesting the Governor to Enact a Mandatory 14-day Quarantine Health Mandate for All Interstate and Intrastate Travel with Appropriate Testing Upon Arrival as a Means to Reduce the Spread of the COVID-19 Virus - Assembly Members Wong and Otos
f.   Citizen Request for Assembly Support for Naming the Clear Water Creek that Joins Lake Creek Just Before Entering the Unuk River as “Kingsbury Creek”
10.   Reports of Committees, Executive, Administrators
a.   Manager's Report
b.   Mayor's Report
c.   Committee Reports
11.   Assembly Members' Comments
12.   Executive Session - Procedure: Motion is made and voted upon. If adopted, executive session is held. If necessary, action is taken in public session following the executive session. If there is more than one executive session topic, each topic will be handled completely separate from the other.
13.   Adjournment - The meeting must adjourn by 10:00 p.m. unless that deadline is extended to 10:30 p.m. by a motion approved by a majority of the assembly members present. Any extension beyond 10:30 p.m. requires a unanimous vote of all assembly members present. If the meeting is not adjourned or extended prior to 10:00 p.m., or such extended time as has been set, the meeting shall automatically recess at that time and shall be reconvened at 5:30 p.m. the following day.

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