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6:00 p.m.                 MEETING DOCKET August 8, 2017

Comments or concerns regarding a proposal may be emailed to
Please cite the case number. 
To be included in the staff report, your comments must be received by
July 31, 2017. Comments received after this date will be given to the Planning Commission at the meeting.
Case 17-032 is a request for an amendment to Ketchikan Gateway Borough Code Title 18 (Planning and Zoning) to allow microbreweries as a permitted use within the Central Commercial (CC) Zone.

CASE SUMMARY: The applicant owns a commercial rental property within the CC zone and has leased a unit on the ground floor to a tenant who intends to manufacture small quantities of beer for sale. The proposed use is classified as light manufacturing, which is neither allowed as a principal use nor allowed take place on the ground floor of a building within the CC zone. The applicant has requested that the use be added as a principal use on a ground floor.
Case 17-033 is a request for a variance to allow an existing garage and two sheds to remain and encroach and to allow an addition to the garage to further encroach into the required front yard on Lot 11C, U.S. Survey 3153; located at 12384 North Tongass Highway, Ketchikan Gateway Borough.

CASE SUMMARY: The attached garage and accessory structures were built too close to the property boundary by a previous owner. The current owners propose to repair a portion of the existing garage and enlarge it by 125 square feet.
Case 17-034 is a request for a conditional use permit to allow an enclosed storage use for storage of empty containers and other inventory used for a refuse collection service on Lot Tract 1017, Crowder-Karlson Subdivision; located at 5010 North Tongass Highway, City of Ketchikan.

CASE SUMMARY: The applicant stores containers associated with a refuse collection service inside an existing structure on the subject parcel. The conditional use permit would permit an existing storage use and allow additional enclosed storage of containers and other inventory to be located outside of the structure behind a sight-obscuring fence.
Case 17-035 is a request for a conditional use permit to allow a mobile building to be used as a residence during construction of a two family dwelling unit on Lot 4A, Shoup Street Replat; located at 3074A/B Crest Avenue, Ketchikan Gateway Borough.

CASE SUMMARY: The property owner is building a permanent residence on the subject parcel and proposes to use a mobile building as a residence on the lot until the structure is complete.
Case 17-036 is a request for a preliminary and final plat to create 3 lots from a portion of Lot 15C ASLS No. 92-17, encompassing 368.66 acres; located north of the Emerald Forest Subdivision and Fawn Mountain School, Ketchikan Gateway Borough; filed by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough on July 14, 2017.

CASE SUMMARY: Tract A of the proposed subdivision encompasses a large parcel of entitlement land that is to be transferred from the State of Alaska to the Ketchikan Gateway Borough. Tracts B and C will remain in State ownership. There are no plans for improvements associated with this subdivision because the sole purpose of the plat is to record a tract of public property that can be transferred by deed to the Borough.

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