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Meeting Date: 07/10/2018  
Submitted By: Alethea Johnson, Assistant Planner

Agenda Item
Resolution #:   4136A
Case Manager:  Alethea Johnson, Assistant Planner

Approved for Submittal: Richard Harney, Planning Director

Request: A request by Kathy Perry,  to name an unnamed private drive “Carolyn Way,” located at 568 and 572/574 Sunset Drive, Ketchikan Gateway Borough

The applicants own two adjoining lots containing three residences on the westernmost curve of Sunset Drive. According to the applicants, visitors find it difficult to locate the residences when approaching the driveway from the south. They request to name the private drive Carolyn Way and post a street sign at the entrance to assist visitors in locating their homes. The proposed name honors Carolyn Stallings, who lived in a house on the driveway and was an active member of the community during her lifetime. The applicants have indicated their consent to the required changes of address, should their request be approved.

Agency Comments:
North Tongass Fire Chief stated that the proposed streetnaming is beneficial as long as a street sign is installed and maintained at the beginning of the driveway and the Borough GIS map is updated with the street name, centerline and range of addresses to be used in re-assigning addresses to the residences located on the driveway.

Guidelines for naming streets are provided in KGBC 17.40.030.

The subject private drive meets specific criteria for naming private roads serving two or more separate lots and/or dwellings (KGBC 17.40.030(d)(5)) because it serves Lots E and F, Tract 1-2, U.S. Survey, 2343.  Both lots are developed, with a two-family residence and a single-family residence respectively. The private drive intersects with Sunset Drive, a State road, and traverses a 20 foot access and utility easement dedicated on Plat 91-45, K.R.D.

The proposed name, Carolyn Way, generally meets the naming criteria for a private drive because it reflects the name of a person of historic significance to residents of Ketchikan. According to the applicants, it contributes to the pride of belonging and identity of place for the residents who live on the subject private drive. The proposed name is also suitable in the context of surrounding streets, which include given and surnames such as Meredith Way, Barbara Lane and Ohlson Lane.

Carolyn Way does not duplicate and is not similar sounding to any other street name in the borough.

The request satisfies the criteria for naming a private drive and, therefore, staff recommends approval of Case 14-048, a request to name an unnamed private drive "Carolyn Way," located at 568 and 572/574 Sunset Drive, with conditions. However, the Planning Commission may want to consider the desirability of proliferating street names for private drives throughout the borough. A recent example for this request was established with the naming of Meredith Way, which is approximately 200 feet to the northeast. Although this request is similar, it is worth noting that residences have existed on the subject driveway since the mid-1980's. Property owners do have the option to assist visitors in finding their residences by posting current address signs within the driveway easement where it intersects Sunset Drive.

Recommended action:
I move to adopt Resolution 4136 A.


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