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Assembly - Regular
Meeting Date: 05/07/2018  
Submitted By: Kacie Paxton
Department: Finance  
Approved for Submittal: Cynna Gubatayao, Finance Director
Ruben Duran, Manager
Deanna Thomas, Asst Manager
Approved as to form:

Work Session and Introduction of Ordinance 1859 Adopting the FY 2019 Borough Budget and Appropriating from all Borough Funds Except the Local Education Fund
"I move to Introduce Ordinance 1859, adopting the FY 2019 Borough Budget and appropriating from all funds, except the Local Education Fund which will be considered separately, and set it for public hearing on May 21, 2018."   

Following the motion to introduce the budget ordinance, the Assembly may wish to make the following motion:

"I move to recess into work session to discuss the FY 2019 Borough Budget."

Following the work session, the Assembly make take action, including direction to staff to prepare and bring back amendments to Ordinance 1858 at the public hearing on May 21, 2018.
The FY 2019 Borough Budget, as offered for introduction, is a balanced budget without the need to rely on reserves. Proposed expenditures do not exceed anticipated revenues. Implementation of the budget will require adoption of Ordinance 1859 for everything except education funding, and Ordinance 1858 for the School District spending authority and Local Education Fund appropriations.  In addition, service fee adjustments will be accomplished through separate ordinances and resolutions as required.

KGBC 4.050.020(a) states “the borough manager shall prepare and submit to the assembly, no later than the first regular assembly meeting in May of each year, a proposed annual budget and capital program for the next fiscal year, which shall contain detailed estimates of anticipated revenues and proposed expenditures for the year. The total of such proposed expenditures shall not exceed the total of such anticipated revenues.” 


Fiscal Impact
Ordinance 1859
FY 2019 Budget Message
FY 2019 Detailed Budget Book

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